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Hello and welcome to ResignationLetterExamples.net!

I’m Jack Hogan and I have worked in Human Resources for several Fortune 500 companies. I started this site to help people with one aspect of employment that can be very challenging for some – resigning. As a member of the HR, I was frequently approached by colleagues, friends and family about the resignation process and how to resign from a job properly.

After years of talking to people about resigning, I noticed that one of areas that they had trouble with was writing a resignation letter. They did not know what they should contain or how to format them properly. Due to this, I decided to create this Resignation Letter Examples site to share my knowledge of the resignation process and also provide professionally written resignation letter templates for people of all professions.


If you have a question about this site or would like to provide feedback and suggestions, please use the comment box below to submit your questions. Your comment will not be shown publicly so please use a valid email address if your query requires a response. I aim to respond to all questions within 48 hours.


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