Navy Officer Resignation Letters

Although it is a regrettable circumstance, an officer of the Naval Forces must occasionally contemplate or fully realize the need to diverge from your chosen career in the military. Whether it is a result of a personal matter or mere dissatisfaction with one’s job, this decision can have consequences from other officers that feel defensible about their job and citizens who are not understanding of your decision. It’s never something to be taken lightly nor is it something that should be done for emotional reasons.

Just as with anything else in the Navy, resigning must be done with respect and professionalism. Even with the most disgruntled of officers, a respectful resignation letter can show just how much you appreciate your service or where you feel that the service of the military has failed you. A good navy officer resignation letter can communicate these facts to your superior officer in a manner reflecting upon you and like with any civilian job, it only benefits you personally and professionally.

The following are resignation letter examples for navy officers. You should note the similarities, differences, and tone given in each of these. You should note that the most important thing is that you leave on a positive note and that your resignation should be a minimum of two weeks in advance of the day you actually intend to leave the armed forces.

3 Resignation Letter Samples for Navy Officers

Sample 1:

I intend to resign from the United States Naval Forces effective as of the end of the month. I have numerous reasons for doing so and I intend to return to civilian life upon return to the United States. Although I have been satisfied with my career in the military, I must cut it short.

I first joined with the Navy shortly after high school because I wanted to serve my country and I have not lost that fire or that passion. After many years in service of the Navy, my service has taught me many great and valuable lessons in camaraderie, trust, teamwork, and a few people’s ability to really make a difference in the world and I will always appreciate that gift.

When my daughter was born a few months ago, I had the realization that I had another duty in front of me. I am now faced with the duties of a father and the incomplete plans for college and a civilian career that has yet to be fully realized. It has come to my realization that it is time for me to acknowledge that I must return home and become the man that I have set out into the world from high school to be.

Although it is with a heavy heart that I must resign when I am needed more than ever, I have made my choice and I believe it is the right one. I thank not only you, but the United States Navy for the opportunities it has presented to me. Thank you.

Sample 2:

Although I appreciate the work that the Navy has given me, I must resign from the United States Navy effective Monday two weeks from now.

I must say that I am dissatisfied with the direction our country has taken and the ways in which the military has been used. I believe in America and I believe in our cause but I do not believe that our fight is moral or just.

The Navy has given me a home, a future, and it has allowed me to fight for my country. Although I can not support the war and the leaders that chose to fight it, I still support the men and women who put their lives on the line every single day for our country.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve. It has been a privilege and an honor to work with America’s finest and brightest and I hope to serve again if the cause is just. Thank you.

Sample 3:

It is unfortunate that it has come to this, but I have chosen to resign from the United States Navy. It is effective as of the end of my current assignment within the next month.

When I joined the Navy, I chose this path in my career because of the opportunities promised to me and the chance to defend the nation against its foreign threats. I have found the situation to be very different and the career path I thought I had with the Navy is no longer an ideal path for me now.

I am dissatisfied with the conduct of my fellow officers and several of my superiors on my current and previous assignments and I have found myself dissatisfied and unhappy with my job here.

Although I have immense respect for the people in uniform, it is a job I can no longer continue to perform. I do not want my lack of passion for this line of work to affect those who may depend upon it and me for their life. So, I must resign.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve my country. I wish I had the strength and mettle to continue like my fellow officers but it is something I can not do. Thank you.

As you’ll note in the above examples, it is important to show respect regardless of whether you loved or hated working for the military. Either way, it reflects well upon you and it displays strength of character that can command respect to you. You’ll find that, even though you’re walking out of a very well-respected job in the United States military, you can still appear to be looking toward the future and appear as a mature and successful person. As a current or former officer of the Navy, being able to resign with professionalism and respect can only benefit you now and forever.

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