Nursing Resignation Letters

It is never easy to resign from a job, however as a professional courtesy, when an nurse is about to leave a job a nursing resignation letter should be submitted.Whether the nursing job is permanent or temporary, offering a timely letter of resignation gives an employer more time to fill a nursing position, and reduces the likelihood of a critical staff shortage in a busy healthcare environment. For those who have never submitted a formal letter of resignation, resignation letter examples for nurses can serve as templates that will help the letter writer find the right words to explain the reason for resigning. A resignation may occur because of many reasons, including retirement, being dissatisfied with a job or getting an high paying opportunity.

A letter of resignation need not be lengthy. It can be as brief as stating that one is resigning. It is a good idea, however to explain the reason for the resignation, especially if the work situation has been a been positive. When the work environment has not been positive, there is no need to unleash anger or burn bridges. When seeking another job, references or recommendations may be requested from the previous supervisor. If an employee resigns on an angry note, this could affect the ability to get another position, even in a field like nursing where there jobs are usually plentiful. The following are resignation examples for nurses. There are three that cover different reasons for resigning:

Nursing Resignation Letter Templates

Sample 1

This letter is to inform you of my resignation from the Green Street Hospital effective at the end of my shift on Wednesday, February 15, 2012. This is shorter notice that I would normally give, however I have a family emergency that needs my immediate attention. This situation will require that I move to another city temporarily to care for a family member who is very ill.

Working at Green Street has been a good experience. I have certainly appreciated the guidance of my supervisors, and the fine way in which the nursing staff works together to get the job done.

Thank you for the giving me the opportunity to work with a great group of people. I wish you the best

Sample 2

Please accept this letter as my resignation from the position of Nursing Director at Caring Hands Nursing Center. I know I have been in this position only a few months, but that has been long enough to let me know that this is not the best work environment for me. I am leaving to seek a position that is more in line with my education and experience.

Working with the staff and patients of Caring Hands has been rewarding. I have come to know many of them personally. I would encourage you to to all you can to solicit suggestions from the staff on how to provide the best possible service. I have been impressed by their dedication to the organization and their concern for the residents.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can answer any questions for the next director concerning any changes or new policies implemented during my tenure.

Sample 3

I will resign from the Oceanside Medical Group effective March 1, 2012. I have loved working here during the past five years, and the schedule has allowed me to spend much needed time with my family. However, I have been offered a position with more responsibility and higher pay. I have two children who will be entering college next year and the salary I will receive will help with their tuition.

Working with the Oceanside staff has been a good experience. Everyone on the staff takes his or her job seriously. They are always willing to work as a team, and patients seem to really be appreciative of the care they receive here.

If there are things that I can do over the next few weeks to help you find a replacement for my position, please let me know. Personally, I know several qualified nurses who would love the chance to work here. Thank you for the opportunity to serve this practice.


These are just a few examples of how a nursing resignation letter may be worded. It is best that a nurse who is resigning write a letter that fits his or her personally, but using these templates can provide a good start to the nurse who may find him/herself needing to write a letter of resignation that will find favor with a current supervisor.