Resignation Letter Templates For A Stay At Home Mom

Your children are growing up right before your eyes, all while you have spent the better part of each day at work. They will not wait for you while they take their first steps or use the potty for the very first time either. Focusing your attention on the most important people in your life is an investment worth more than gold. The fruits of your labor will reach far into the future. There is no need to feel fearful about resigning from a job to stay at home with your children. There are many types of letters of resignation, however, the template below is a specific stay at home mom resignation letter. It takes all the guesswork out of composition and allows you to fill in the blanks or make minor changes as may be needed, without having to start from scratch.

Resignation Letter Examples

Sample 1

This first example is with an overall feeling of regret for needing to end your job with your employer. All letters should have this overall look at the top.

Date: [Today's Date]

[Name of Business]
[Name of Employer]
[Company address]

Dear [Manager's name]:

I am sorry to inform you of my need to leave my position at [company name]. I must take this opportunity to be with my children and choose to devote all my time to them.

It has been a great pleasure to work alongside all my colleagues and I will miss them greatly. I appreciate all that I have learned working for you.  I respectfully will take my leave on [last work day] and will be happy to assist in helping bring up to speed the person who will replace me. I want to thank you for the opportunity to be a part of [business].

Very Sincerely, (leave 4 spaces below this line for your signature)

[Your printed name]

Sample 2

The following letter is straighter and to the point. It is respectful but does not go into as much detail. Again, use the first letter template above showing date, names, etc.

Dear [Manager’s name]:

As of [date should be two weeks from the date at top of letter], I will respectfully resign from my job as [title]. I intend to spend my time as a full time mom at home.

My work here has been enjoyable and interesting. Thank you for providing me with this great opportunity. I sincerely hope [business name] continues to thrive and grow through the years.



[Printed name]

Sample 3

This last letter of resignation has a little more of a personal touch to it but can still be adapted to suit your needs.

[Manager or Directors Name]
[Business Name]

Dear [Manager's Name]:

I am giving my notice that I will be resigning from [business name] as of [effective date].

I have had a difficult time with this decision but feel it is necessary in order to be with my children as a full time at home mom. This is where I wish to concentrate and although I have been employed for [number of years], the pull of my family has directed my attention in a way I cannot ignore. It would be a disservice to [business name] to do otherwise.

I have very much enjoyed the time I have spent with [company name] and learned many things I would not have known had I not been your employee. Thank you very much for the many fine opportunities I have received.


[Printed name]

No matter what type of letter is being written, dates, companies and names should be the first things they see. The company name and address should have at least 5 spaces from the bottom of the date and the next area where the person is addressed should be approximately 3 spaces from the bottom of the company’s information. At the conclusion, after signing with words such as “Sincerely”, “Respectfully”, “Very Sincerely” or “Yours Truly”, you would leave 4 spaces where your signature should go with any carbon copies shown below.

The specific stay at home mom resignation letter can be written sincerely and with heartfelt touches. Though there will most certainly be some employers who may not understand, it is after all your choice. A mother who can give her children a gift of her time and love is rich indeed. Staying at home will offer you new adventures in your life, growing up with your children, not away from them. There is no paycheck that can take the place of that.